Arrowhead Engineering, Inc. (AEI) is a 100% Diné owned firm that provides a multitude of civil engineering services.  A complex history of experience spanning throughout Indian Country provides the foundation for navigating the agency codes, laws, and technical provisions.  AEI’s best attribute is our ability to communicate with each contact responsible for making vital project decisions and implementing their input.  Several projects on Indian Country require in depth knowledge of rural designs that minimize operation and maintenance costs along with constructible designs employing accessible materials and specifications.  AEI knows how to take projects from concept to construction while adding what few can, Culture.  As a Navajo Owned company our designs not only pay close attention to schedule and cost we also abide by cultural concerns. AEI has a myriad of civil engineering services.  Our Staff has executed professional cost saving designs to multiple Indian Country Governments.  We are proud to offer civil engineering solutions to Indian Communities, Tribal Agencies, and Tribal Governments.

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