Diné College Student Housing


Project Information: AEI has completed full engineering plans and analysis for 63 student housing units located on 9.9 acres on the Diné College Campus in Tsaile, AZ. Highlights included a grading scheme that required no retaining walls and diversion of existing flood channels. Along with going green and designing the housing with sustainability being a priority, AEI also assists the students incorporating culture into the designs.  Landmarks were constructed to further the idea of keeping the four directions, and the four sacred mountains a priority in the concept of the structural development. In the structures, the eastern direction is also stressed in the conceptual site plans, due to the fact that all entrances are opening on the east side of all buildings. This project is the most influential on the idea of culture playing a key role in AEI’s projects, because this project deals with the Diné youth and their educational endeavors. The four directions are a vital part of the Diné College teachings. The directions are a constant theme in AEI’s designs, so in this project there is great unity and pride in the planning and creation of the designs.

Client: Diné College

Completion Date: June 2015

Consultants Include: ESB Design Modular