Kayenta Staff Quarters

Project: This project includes the design and construction administration for 129 new residential housing units (Staff Quarters) to support the development of a new Health Center serving the Navajo Nation in Kayenta, Arizona.  Due to the great distances from any urban area, development of rental staff quarters was required to house the medical staff needed to operate the Health Center.  The team provided housing that incorporates sustainability through designs that re-use non potable water.  This project qualifies as a LEED Gold project.  The Kayenta IHS housing project takes into consideration many of the elements that are faced when living in such a highly rugged terrain.  AEI formulated the concept of a subdivision that incorporates Navajo Culture into the layout of the housing area, by making the plot resemble that of a squash blossom necklace.  To achieve this design approach, groups of homes are clustered around a central shared exterior space to help it become a neighborhood.  Then these larger neighborhoods are strung along the main road to become a community.

Client: Indian Health Services

Completion: April 2016

Consultants Include:

  • Johnson Smitthipong & Rosamond Associates, Inc.
  • Greenberg Construction