Kayenta Township Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance

Project: AEI along with The Planning Center, developed the award winning Kayenta Township Comprehensive Plan to ensure that future growth proceeds in a manner consistent with the long-range vision of the Kayenta Township.  Kayenta Township is the only municipal-style government within the Navajo Nation. It is regarded as a political sub-division of the Navajo Nation. The Township is managed by a five-member elected town board, which hires the township manager. Due to its location, Kayenta has been designated the major growth center for the Navajo Nation. The Comprehensive Plan achieves the transition from a rural township to an urban area by implementing a variety of innovative tools including the:

  • Establishment of two Transit Oriented Development Districts including workforce housing in a mixed-use development environment;
  • Utilization of eco-tourism and heritage tourism as economic development engines;
  • Creation of a specific Sustainability Tool Box ™ designed to ensure the Navajo Nation long-range self-sufficiency and economic vitality;
  • Establishment of Township-wide open space, parks, recreation and trail system and multi-modal connectivity; and
  • Development of a Transfer of Grazing Rights mechanism designed by The Planning Center for this jurisdiction to address its specific land tenure needs
  • The Comprehensive Plan serves as the road map for the development of Kayenta Township, the Main Gateway to Monument Valley, Arizona, a major world tourist destination in Arizona.

Client: Kayenta Township

Completion: 2011

Consultants Include: The Planning Center